Flexible Rates

Regular Fare*


Reduced Fare


Senior Citizens (age 65+ with proper ID)

Medicare cardholders (with proper ID)

Person with disabilities (with poper ID or Liberty Transit ADA Service Pass)

Children Under 6**

1-Day pass for two dollars

1 DAY PASS (unlimited rides)


30-Day Pass (unlimited rides)

Regular $30
People eligible for reduced fare $15

Curb-to-Curb Service


All buses are wheelchair accessible. For eligible persons with a mobility impairment which prevents them from accessing regular bus stop locations, curb-to-curb service is available within 0.75 mile of the bus routes. Request an application for ADA eligibility by calling (912) 877-1472, visit the Liberty Transit Office, or print out an application from the website. A completed application should be submitted to Liberty Transit and approved prior to requesting curb-to-curb service.

Fare Value Cards